• May 28, 2022

Samsung M02 Review – How Does it Measure Up to Its competitors?

Samsung MOST PLUS: The all new Samsung Mbender is here! This Android handset has been equipped with some of the latest features and most importantly it comes packed with value for money. You will notice the difference when you buy Samsung Mbender. Features such as: music player, games, internet browser, email client, games, dialer and so much more. Camera, price, and other specific details are revealed and today the phone is available for purchase from the various Samsung stores across the UK.

Samsung M02 Screen: The Samsung M02 comes with a six.5 inches Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen which is really nice to touch. The screen is also touch sensitive which responds instantly when you press on the homescreen. One thing that I didn’t like about the screen was that it felt a bit rough to my touch, especially when using the wallpaper feature, however, this is normal Samsung M02 . The screen is just about the size of a normal cell phone so you won’t have to worry about feeling a great deal of discomfort when using it.

Samsung Galaxy M032 Dual SIM Only: The Samsung Galaxy M032 comes with a single SIM card and here is where the differences start to emerge. On this model you get the standard version of Samsung Jelly Bean as opposed to the more recent 2.3 Gingerbread update. With this handset, you can only use a single sim and as such, if you wish to use another network, you will have to purchase a new handset and insert your existing SIM card. In my experience, this was the only disadvantage of this handset.

Samsung Galaxy M032 Camera: If you think that the Samsung Galaxy M032 camera is only good for taking pictures, then you clearly haven’t heard about the excellent built quality of the device. The camera on this handset is a first for the brand, which means that Samsung has obviously put in a lot of work and thought. Even the best digital cameras have limitations, but this doesn’t mean that the Samsung Galaxy M032 can’t capture great images. The biggest advantage of taking great photos on this model is the high resolution screen which covers the entire display of the camera. To put it in simple terms, the pictures you take on this model are going to be of excellent quality due to the fact that the lens of the unit is capable of resolving the details that you need to see clearly.

Samsung Galaxy M032 Battery: As with any other devices manufactured by Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy M032 comes with a standard type of battery. In this case, the device features an lithium ion type battery. It should be noted that this type of battery is prone to drain quickly, especially when it becomes wet or when it is exposed to strong heat. For this reason, the device features a quick charge facility. The Quick Charge facility allows the user to enjoy power boost within 15 minutes of charging the device using the supplied charger.

Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy M032 comes with a standard type of battery, the device does not come cheap. When we look at the features and applications that the device comes with, it seems that the Galaxy mami is a product that is designed to please its customers, as it comes with various options. These include a large number of preinstalled apps, such as those that deal with playing games, enjoying videos, listening to music and viewing photos. As we can see, the Samsung Galaxy mami has all the features that a user would expect from a top end mobile phone in terms of a high definition camera set up and a battery that is capable of lasting long.

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