• May 27, 2022

Tips on Acquiring a MBA Degree

A MBA is a very useful and flexible graduate degree to those who have a few years worth of experience in the corporate world, even if the experience is considered by those who don’t know any better as “doing low-ranking jobs.” Non-profit organizations or government service also count as valuable to get accepted to an MBA program offered by many reputable schools. Most leading MBA schools require that their students have previous actual work experience. Making an investment in an MBA program will, in the long run, help you gain perspective in how your work relates with those of others in the place where you work MBA .

Most MBA schools try to mold you to become more strategic in thinking, and hopefully tactical when taking actions in most situations in life especially at the work place (or even when you run your own business). The whole point of all the academic subjects you have to digest, read, and even probably write about (alone or with your classmates) is to be able to think through all the information, confusion, anxieties, threats, and still shine out through your strengths you’ve learned to identify, plus the opportunities you may fathom in dark times (so to say). Worry not, as you can do this, just like the others who have finished their MBA degrees.

Start by identifying at least 5 schools you’ve heard and believe are reputable as MBA schools in the place where you are currently working (or will eventually move to get a new job). Or your current employer may have in-house training program or advanced study-benefits being provided, which you may avail. Or you may ask around from some people you know have finished their MBA degrees (don’t even bother to ask those who have not finished the degree – they have different views which may not be helpful for you).

Check the academic schedules of each of these schools so that you can make plans when to apply. Write down the schedules, gather and collect all the necessary materials for the schools’ requirements, and make sure to submit them on time.

When accepted into the program, even if you’re basically timid or shy, try to do a lot of networking with your classmates, other MBA students, and your teachers. You’ll eventually get the hang of it. Have your business card handy during these networking situations – they can be during campus parties, group study sessions, or any academic activity happening while at school again. It’s up to you whether you’d give out your card without being asked, as it depends on whom are you talking to in each of these occasions.

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