• July 6, 2022

Liven Up Your Doll Collection With Fun New Clothes and Accessories

For some of us, the little girl who loves her dolls is still hiding within. For many of us, though, she’s not hiding; she’s enjoying her collection every day. Doll collecting is a fascinating hobby. Whether you like porcelain dolls with elegant period costumes, baby dolls with lots of clothes, or the popular 18 inch brands such as American Girl, there are plenty out there to choose from.

Part of the fun of doll collecting is the many different costumes and outfits you can find for them to wear. Updating outfits to match the season or the holiday is a fun way to keep your collection looking fresh ラブドール . Red velvet Christmas dresses, Halloween costumes, traditional ethnic clothing, seasonal attire, pajamas, and bathing suits are just a few of the garments available. Bridal gowns, evening dresses and historical clothing are favorites of a lot of collectors. Hunting for precious little shoes, lacy undergarments, and other doll accessories to match the outfits is part of the fun.

Purchasing furniture is a lovely way to display and arrange your collection. There are many delightful pieces to be found, both in specialty shops and on-line. Some of these are period pieces, which are great for 18 inch dolls as well as many other types. Others are contemporary, and may match your own furniture or decorating style. Doll beds are available in many styles and sizes, from sweet, swinging cradles to bassinettes, bunk beds, four poster beds, and canopy beds. Pillows and bedding complete the look.

But there are also kitchen tables, bistro tables, wooden hutches, dishes, high chairs, and play food. A doll tea party is a beautiful display for spring, or Mother’s Day. Night stands, coffee tables, living room chairs, and lamps of all kinds are available for your pleasure.

Including chests of drawers, armoires, and steamer trunks in your vignette is a great way to keep track of all the small pieces. By storing each doll’s clothing together, it’s simple to locate the desired outfit. Underclothes, socks and shoes are so tiny, and easily lost. Fortunately, bloomers, pantaloons, slips, chemises, and panties are easily replaceable at many companies. Tights and socks come in colors to match any outfit. Undershorts for boy dolls are also easy to find.

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