• May 26, 2022

Boat Cleaning and the EPA – Let’s Talk

When it comes to the cleaning business and clean water you can bet the EPA is hot on the trail of curtailing unlawful discharge of run-off waste wash water. You are going to have to ask the Marina and local environmental control folks where you are, if they will allow this, they may, or they may not.

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Generally, if you don’t use soap or detergents they do not have a problem with it, but in some regions they do. So, you need to know in advance pedestal pumps. If you work from the water cleaning boat hulls or will have soapy run-off into the water you can buy some of those flotation barriers used to control oil spills. They are not as expensive as you might think, and are readily available from the New Pig Catalog, as well as other online websites.

You should probably subscribe to Pollution Equipment News, and request to be on the mailing list, and email newsletter list for New Pig Environmental Products. You will need a very strong industrial vacuum cleaner to pull the soapy water up from water, and a plastic tank on large rubber tires to take it to a municipal sewer hook-up.

If you are very careful vacuuming it up, you will get very little actual marina water, and nearly all of the soap. For dry dock work it’s a similar process. You block off any storm drains, collect the run-off waste water, and filter the paint flakes, algae, debris, and discharge the left-over dirty water to the municipal sewer hook-up. Simple enough, yes, but let me explain this in more detail so you get the whole picture.

First, let me start by saying that water volume usage in boat hull cleaning in a dry dock situation is critical to your re-capture and reclaim environmental strategy. The amount of water anticipated in usage will be a factor also for the environmental filtering of the wash water. Such environmentally friendly practices can add quite a bit of cost to your operations.

Once you know this information, you can consider the types of storm drain blockers and booms you might need. You may even opt for a mechanical sump pump rather than a 2 GPM industrial grade shop vacuum with a pump on it. Sump Pumps like this are readily available, and they are not too terribly expensive.

The most important thing is to make sure the low points, storm drains, rain water gutters are completely sealed while working. You must do this; not only because it is the right thing to do and the law, but also because people will notice if you don’t and some of the environmentalists in the area will become irate and make your life hell if you don’t.

Basement flooding is not an easy problem to tackle when there has been a lot of snowfall. Homeowners first of all have a lot of trouble in getting the snow away from their yards and buildings. If it has been an especially bad winter, shoveling snow away would have been useless as there would just be more snowfall to replace the shoveled snow.

Due to this, most homeowners just let the snow pile up and this can pose a serious risk of basement flooding. When a lot of snow piles up, the pressure on the basement walls will dramatically increase. This can cause a crack or fissure through which water will immediately start to seep into the basement, creating the problem of melting snow flooded basements.

To tackle the basement flooding problem, it would be wise to call a professional contractor who will be able to give you a permanent solution for your problems. They will use machinery to get rid of the snow and go down to the outside footing of the basement. They will then waterproof the basement walls with new weeping tiles and will also change the sump pumps if necessary. This will protect your basement against basement flooding for a few years at least. Most contractors will be able to give you a guarantee against melting snow flooded basements. This guarantee will be useful for you if you are selling your home as it can help you add value to or justify your price to a potential buyer.

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