• May 27, 2022

Cable Beach in the Bahamas

Cable Beach, a beautiful two-and-a-half mile strip of beach, is home to five luxury hotels, a golf course, a casino, and more. Cable Beach is a favorite among sun cable beach bahamas worshippers, with plenty of room to sunbathe. In addition to beachcombing and swimming, the area offers a variety of watersports, from snorkeling to parasailing. The Bahamian island of New Providence is a perfect getaway for couples seeking a romantic retreat.

There are no public restrooms on Cable Beach, so you’ll have to rely on the hotel’s restrooms. There are also fast food outlets on the beach. However, for a nice dinner in a cozy environment, try Indigo restaurant, located further into Cable Beach. The Indigo has a lovely Italian restaurant, and it’s a 15 to 20-minute walk away from the Sheraton on Cable Beach. If you’re looking for traditional Bahamian dishes, you’ll want to try The Poop Deck, located in the plaza across from Sandy Port. It’s a fun spot with a casual atmosphere, and the seafood is delicious!

You can rent a lounge chair or rent a kayak and paddleboard and enjoy the water. There’s plenty of water sports to keep you busy while you’re in the Bahamas. If you’re traveling with children, Saunders Beach offers safe swimming areas and restrooms. You can drive about 15 minutes to get to Saunders Beach from Cable Beach. Saunders is a great place for families. While it’s not as convenient as Cable Beach, it’s close enough to be convenient for young children.

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